What is distributed solar energy?

Solar energy is renewable energy produced by the sun. Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels turn solar energy into electricity. Solar energy systems come in all sizes, from residential rooftop systems, to ground-mounted systems large enough to power tens of thousands of homes. “Distributed energy” typically refers to PV solar systems in the middle of that range, generally sized to produce one to twenty megawatts of electricity. In general, one megawatt of solar energy can power 375 homes.

About Apex Distributed Energy

Apex Distributed Energy is a part of Apex Clean Energy, a company founded with a singular focus: to accelerate the shift to clean energy. Through origination, construction, and operation of utility-scale wind, solar, and storage facilities, distributed energy resources, and green fuel technologies, Apex is expanding the renewable frontier across North America. Our mission-driven team of more than 400 professionals uses a data-focused approach and an unrivaled portfolio of projects to create solutions for the world’s most innovative and forward-thinking customers. For more information about how Apex is building the energy company of the future, visit apexcleanenergy.com.

Why are communities choosing distributed energy?

The benefits of distributed energy are local in nature—landowners hosting projects see ongoing rental payments, construction activities bolster the local community, and local towns and counties receive ongoing tax payments for the life of a project, which is generally expected to be thirty years or more. Landowners who lease their land for distributed energy can typically make several times more revenue per acre harvesting clean energy than they can by raising livestock, farming other crops, or leasing the land to tenant farmers. Clean energy projects also bring new, high-paying jobs and tax incentives to local communities, while helping to reduce the cost of electricity for all of us.

Mailer_Graphic2.pngHow do I sign up?

It’s easy!

  1. Let us know you're interested here.
  2. If your parcel is 20 acres or more, we'll investigate your property to ensure it is a suitable site for distributed solar. If your parcel is less than 20 acres, it might be too small to be eligible, but we’re happy to hold onto your information in case there are new opportunities in the future.
  3. If your land is eligible, we will prepare a lease agreement for you to review.
  4. Once you’ve signed, we do the rest—from developing the site, to getting permits, to building the project, to selling the power that's produced.

The best part? You get paid the whole time.

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